Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cancun Cristmas!!!

I LOVE Christmas! It is my favorite time of year! But does anyone ever get tired of the commercialism of Christmas? The racing around spending a ton of money on a ton of presents that nobody needs? Stressing out to find the perfect gift? Well, this year we did something a little different and it was the best Christmas ever! We did what my sis-in-law called Christmas detox and instead of doing presents we celebrated Westover style. The WHOLE clan, (yep, all 21 of us!) went to Cancun Mexico for the week! The best present I could ever ask for is to be with my loved ones relaxing in the warm sun on the beautiful white sand beaches gazing out to the turquoise waters. What more could a girl ask for? I was in Paradise! I think this should become a Christmas tradition :)

Even though it was a blast, I wouldn't let Sam take any pics of me (didn't really feel too attractive with my 7 1/2 month pregnant body :) ) so the pics are from my amazing, talented, sis-in-law Becky.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

San Francisco

On July 31st it will be me and Sam's 2 year anniversary. Since Sam has to work that weekend , but we both had time off a couple weekends before, we decided to celebrate early and take a trip to San Francisco. It was a blast! It is such a fun city with so much to do and see. We took a tour of Alcatraz which Sam LOVED! It was really cool to see and learn the history behind it. We went to the Muir Woods and saw amazing redwood trees. We saw the Golden Gate Bridge. We spent a few hours on Pier 39 which was really cool. They had shops and restraunts all along the Pier and a group of docks that the sea lions come to lay on. We ate at a seafood place right on the pier where Sam ordered crab. They brought him out the whole crab, head and all, smothered in garlic and butter. Sam was in Heaven! He had garlic and butter up to his elbows! It was hilarious watching him eat! I wished I had taken a picture :) We shopped in china town and got some awesome deals. I even drug Sam to see the broadway production of Wicked, which I LOVED SO MUCH, and Sam was a good sport to go -he liked it too, but he won't admit it :) It was a great trip! Happy early anniversary Sam! I love you so much and my life is amazing because you are in it! Thanks for being my rock through the good and bad. I love you forever, for always, and no matter what!

These tunnels made us laugh! The picture needs no explanation... Welcome to San Francisco :)


this was the actual dummy head that was used and the hole dug with a spoon through the vent where 3 inmates escaped

The Muir Woods. This forest was amazing! The redwoods were over 200 feet tall and some were over 1200 years old!

my husband the tree hugger haha :)

Driving in San Fran was CRAZY!!! (and Sam thought Orem was bad) This sign made me laugh! Who has time to remember what day it is then what time it is, to figure out if they can turn left or not :)

China Town

Pier 39 (the island you can see in the background is Alcatraz)

The Golden Gate Bridge

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Much neded R&R with the girls

Every year for the past 18 years me and the girls have been going on vaction together. Before everyone was married we would go places like Mazatlan,Peurta Vallarta and Cancun Mexico, New York, and Florida. Now that everyone is married with kids, we can't go as far and as long (we used to go for a full wk) so we usaully make an annual trip to Vegas. It is so good to get away and spend time with my very best friends! Every girl needs time with her girlfriends, and I couldn't ask for better friends! We have been through so much together and no matter what have always been there for each other. I am so blesssed to have these girls in my life!

Yes we are to cheap to get 2 rooms so we push the beds together and all five of us sleep on the 2 beds in 1 room :)
This is the "widow maker" and yes, me, Brittney, and Liza all ate one! Luckily it did not turn our husbands into widow's

Friday, February 19, 2010

I Love You Dad!!!

Dear Dad,

Hey pops! I couldn't sleep so I thought I would write you a letter. Today it has been exactly 3 years since you left this earth to watch over me from heaven. I think about you every day, and miss you with all my heart. I wish you were here to give me advice, and hug me when I hurt, and dry my eyes when I'm sad, and tell me to "keep the faith, everything will be ok". But even though you aren't here, you are the voice I hear in my head comforting me, and encouraging me, and giving me strength, just like you always did.

Thank you for being such a great example to me, and teaching me with patience and love when I was so young and made so many stupid mistakes. Thanks for never giving up on me, and having faith in me when mine struggled. I knew I could succeed and find happiness because you believed in me and told me that I could. I have such big shoes to fill...I hope I am making you proud dad.

I love you with all my heart, and even though at times I long for you to be here, I am grateful for the 32 wonderful years that I did have with you. When you passed on, little Thomas cried and asked Heavenly Father why He had to take you when he had prayed for you to stay with us "for 10 more years". Then he told Heavenly Father it was ok, he knew that He needed you more than he did. So even though sometimes I cry and ask why you had to leave me, I too know that Heavenly Father has a plan, and I will see you again. For this I am eternally grateful.

I love you so much dad! Thanks for who you are, and who you make me want to be!
Now stop playing with those grandkids of yours and tell them it is time for them to come to earth :)

your sweet little Sta

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Let me just start by saying that next to Sam, vacation is one of my biggest loves! I love love love vacation! Did I mention that I love vacation ? :) There is just something about being in another part of this beautiful world that you have never seen or experienced before. Having no phone, no job, no laundry, no worries or responsibilities, and just relaxing and enjoying the company of loved ones in a beautiful place is so therapudic for me. This year for our christmas present we booked a cruise of the Hawaiian islands. Since it was triple the price the week after Christmas we decided to go in February instead. It was AMAZING! Hawaii is such a beautiful place and we had such a great time. Sam wasn't so sure at first if spending the money would be worth it (he hasn't traveled much) but I quickly convinced him that it would be priceless memories and he gave in to my puppy dog eyes. Us Westover's LOVE to travel. Sam, being a Cook could take it or leave it, but after this amazing trip I think I can soon completely covert him to Westoverism :) hehe! (Oh, by the way, I still don't know completely what I'm doing when I post pictures with captions, so the explanation for the picture is BELOW the picture, not above it)

This is us overlooking the war veterans cemetery in Oahu
This is at the top of Diamond Head mountain overlooking the city of Honolulu and Waikiki beach
The coast of Maui viewed from our ship
Some famous lookout that was filmed in the movie Jurassic Park
A whale swimming to the surface. We saw so many whales so close to our ship! It was so cool!

On the big island of Hawaii we went to see the volcanos. This lava flow was from the exact month and year of my birth. Sam said I really am as old as the hills :)
This was also on the big Island of Hawaii. They have black sand beaches because of the lava (or as Sam would say, liquid hot magma!)

We were walking down the beach on Kaui and this monk seal was just laying there on the sand. If you got to close though it would start growling at you!

This was on the island of Kaui. I think Kaui was the most beautiful of all the islands
You can see our ship here in the distance. Sam was amazed at how huge the ship was
These are both of the coastline of Kaui. These point and shoot cameras just don't do justice but it was truly breathtaking!

The temple in Oahu. How beautiful is that?